Our Culture


Even though we are just 3 in the team, we already had a workshop to think about our team culture. And we did it in english to anticipate our global expansion :-)

2030 is coming

We work hard for a better good. Our effort is a contribution to reach the goal set by the IPCC : -45% of CO2 by 2030. This mission really drives us.

Joke : This is a tweak from the quote “Winter is coming” in Game of throne.

The shorter the better

For people’s commute as well as for our working habits, let’s shoot for the shortest option, the most efficient way to do things. We don’t reinvent the wheel. Using what is already out there like open data or APIs is part of our mindset to scale our impact as soon as possible.

Stronger together

Creating a startup is not easy. We don’t have someone to copy, the path is new.

By trusting eachother, sharing our doubts we will be stronger. No shame to share early on, no pride to share late. We also value interactions with the startup ecosystem and with our clients: we are happy to get constructive feedback.

The fun way

Rigorous work is compatible with fun & easy going atmosphere in the office. It helps find our “flow” and work becomes a game. Fun is also important because environmental topics could lead to eco-anxiety. It's also our mission to bring fun to commuters by cycling or carpooling rather than being alone in their car. Sustainable mobility is fun!

Like this mindset?

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