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All you need to manage your employees' commutes

Get a clear view of your risks and possibilities

Efficiently achieve several CSR objectives

Shape your commuting policy & action plan

Plus de 130 clients utilisent notre logiciel de mobilité

Optimal commutes


For multi-sites organizations only: We identify optimizations to help you plan your inter-sites mobility roadmap:

  • The nearest site for each employee
  • For each site, internal candidates who don’t work there yet

  • Job swaps when it enables both employees to work closer to their home


Mobilité interne géographique avec 1km à Pied


For your carbon footprint, your CSR report or for your relocation, we analyze your anonymized Human resources dataset to deliver:

  • Data Visualization of your employees’ commuting trips

  • Multi-modal map of your sites

  • Each trip's environmental, physical & mental cost

More details

Optimal mobility plan


We help you prioritize your actions according to real and credible travel alternatives for each of your employees:

  •  Dashboard to prioritize your actions

  •  Toolbox to implement your actions

  •  Ready to use internal communications visuals


Réduire accident de trajets.png


Commute diagnosis

Reducing commutes has many advantages

Financial savings

  • Less absenteeism and staff turnover.

  • Lower recruitment and training costs.

  • Lower mileage costs.


  • Greater stability and efficiency in the team.

  • More flexibility on extra hours.

  • Stronger engagement in the life of the team

Better employee experience

  • Better work-life balance.

  • Less fatigue and stress.

  • Less exposure to road risk.


  • Reduction of your carbon footprint.

  • Reduction of fine particles. 

  • Reduction of noise pollution.



de "Time to hire"

Moins d'entretiens RH et opérationnels, moins d'admin RH, moins de formation par les opérationnels.

Comparatif recrutement interne versus externe


- 10 jours

d'absence par salarié rapproché

Alors que le nombre de jours d'absence annuel ne fait qu'augmenter, la réduction d'un trajet pénible permet d'éviter 10 jours d'absence en moyenne.

Comment réduire l'absentéisme


-10 000€

par salarié rapproché

Economie de recrutement pour chaque départ évité grâce à une réponse plus rapide aux souhaits de mobilité et à la proactivité sur la réduction des trajets pénibles.

Fort de notre expérience sur des dizaines de clients
multi-sites, nous faisons une estimation basée sur la densité de vos sites, votre géographie et votre secteur.

Merci ! Vous recevrez votre estimation sous 2 jours ouvrés !

Quel retour sur investissement pour votre organisation ? 

How does it work?

Follow the steps and get immediate results!


Adapted to your needs and the size of your team.


It guarantees the respect of your employees' privacy.


Browse, upload and we take care of everything else.


Log into your secured platform to get your results.

Témoignages clients

Stéphane Guilleminot.jpg

" The process is simple and fast. The team is available and experienced, the diagnostic visualizations are extremely intuitive and meaningful. An essential player, efficient and committed to the ecological transition underway! "

Emilie Naminzo

Agglomeration of Epernay

CS Groupe

Public buyers:

1km à Pied is listed in the UGAP-SCC multi-publisher software catalog in France. You can therefore assign us on a simple quote to draw up the Mobility Plan for your agents or to orchestrate the Mobility Plans for employers in your area.


Improve the quality of life of your employees and reduce the impact of your company on the environment

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