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Our mission

In a context of climate and social emergency,

let's help employees work closer to home

to reduce the carbon impact of millions of journeys

while recreating proximity and resilience at the level of each district.  

1km on foot is the most sustainable distance and mode of travel in a world in crisis.

The problems we want to solve

Only 8% of companies  have completed their Mobility Plan  while the car still represents 74% of Home-Work trips in a context of double ecological and social crisis and 60% of working people will never be able to telework.

Au-dessus de la Terre
Clés de voiture
Ecological crisis

Humanity must reduce its CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030  (IPCC report 2018). This implies -76% of CO2 in French transport. (B&L evolution)

The car...

74% of employees drive to work with all  effects that we  knows: fatigue, stress, CO 2 , particles, city congestion ...

Constrained routes


60% of working people are not eligible for teleworking and are therefore in a risky situation in the face of probable regulations and  rising fuel prices.

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